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Choose the most innovative neuroscience-backed-up ways to succeed in your career!


You will benefit from our neuroscience-based life coaching if you want to...

  • Get your projects DONE instead of procrastinating and feeling stuck.

  • Step out of burnout ONCE AND FOR ALL without overeating, overdrinking, or binge-watching.

  • STOP feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed when managing your time and responsibilities.

  • OVERCOME FEAR of public speaking and improve your communication skills.

  • Get rid of your chronic IMPOSTER SYNDROME and boost your SELF-CONFIDENCE instead.


You will benefit from our neuroscience education program if you:

  • Are a coach and want to get a deeper understanding about the science behind the work you do and bring your coaching to the next level!

  • Are curious about the controversial topics about the brain.

  • Want to improve your focus, attention and memory to be more successful at what you do!

  • Are interested to learn about the latest technological developments in neuroscience,  neurotechnologies, and their clinical applications, such as epilepsy surgery, stroke rehabilitation, coma assessment, and communication in locked-in syndrome.

  • Want to get hands-on experience in detecting brain waves and operating brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) - the devices that allow control of the objects with our brain.


You will benefit from neuroscience research consulting with us if you:

  • Seek to receive a critical review of your neuroscience-related research project, including grant proposal, manuscript, class project, and thesis (both graduate and undergraduate).

  • Are looking for ways to strengthen the design and credibility of your neuroscience-related research study.

  • Need help with research protocol development.

  • Searching for optimal ways to analyze brain imaging data.

  • Feel that you can benefit from additional expertise in writing and publishing your manuscripts.