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Choose the best way to succeed in your neuroscience or neurotech career!

You will benefit from our neuroscience career coaching if you need help with:

  • Professional development planning:  We will provide you with guidance on setting and achieving professional development goals. This includes assistance with creating a career development plan in neuroscience and neurotechnologies and equipping you with the necessary knowledge gaps, ensuring you're thoroughly prepared for the role you're aiming for.

  • Resume and cover letter review:  We will review and critique your resume and cover letter, offering guidance on how to tailor these documents specifically to job opportunities in neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

  • Interview preparation:  We will help you practice job interviews and provide feedback on your interview skills, as well as guidance on how to effectively answer common interview questions and present your qualifications in neuroscience and neurotech. Our comprehensive mock interview preparation includes:

    • Soft-skills Interviews: Guidance on effectively answering common interview questions, understanding interview dynamics, and presenting your qualifications confidently.

    • Hard-skills Interviews: Expertise in assisting with:

      • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

      • Neurophysiological Data: Familiarity with EEG, MEG, ERPs, ECoG, sEEG, spikes, and other imaging modalities. We provide training in data collection (EEG), analysis (EEG, MEG, ERPs, ECoG, sEEG, spikes), interpretation, and result dissemination.

    • Live-coding Mock Interviews: Offering sessions in Python, including the analysis of neurophysiological data to test and improve your coding capabilities under pressure.

    • Core Principles Interviews: Preparing you for rigorous interviews like those conducted by leading neurotech companies. We'll delve into the foundational principles of the domain, ensuring you're well-equipped to discuss, challenge, and elaborate on core concepts.

    • Presentation Preparation: If your job interview includes a presentation component, we guide you on:

      • Presentation Best Practices: Crafting an engaging narrative, designing effective slides, managing your presentation's flow, and delivering with confidence.

  • Networking and job search strategy:  We will provide you with the guidance on how to effectively network and find job opportunities in neuroscience and neurotechnologies, as well as tips on how to stand out in the job market.

  • Negotiation and salary advice:  We will offer you guidance on how to negotiate salary and benefits, as well as advice on how to determine a fair and appropriate salary range for a given position.


You will benefit from our neuroscience education program if you:

  • Want to start your journey into the field of neurotechnologies and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).

  • Are interested to learn about the latest technological developments in neuroscience,  neurotechnologies, and their clinical applications, such as epilepsy surgery, stroke rehabilitation, coma assessment, and communication in locked-in syndrome.

  • Want to get hands-on experience in detecting brain waves and operating brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) - the devices that allow control of the objects with our brain.

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