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Choose the best way to succeed in your neuroscience or neurotech career!

You will benefit from our neuroscience career coaching if you need help with:

  • Professional development planning:  We will provide you with guidance on setting and achieving professional development goals, as well as help with creating a career development plan in neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

  • Resume and cover letter review:  We will provide a review and critique of your resume and cover letter, as well as guidance on how to tailor these documents to specific job opportunities in neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

  • Interview preparation:  We will help you practice job interviews and provide feedback on your interview skills, as well as guidance on how to effectively answer common interview questions and present your qualifications in neuroscience and neurotech.

  • Networking and job search strategy:  We will provide you with the guidance on how to effectively network and find job opportunities in neuroscience and neurotechnologies, as well as tips on how to stand out in the job market.

  • Negotiation and salary advice:  We will offer you guidance on how to negotiate salary and benefits, as well as advice on how to determine a fair and appropriate salary range for a given position.


You will benefit from our neuroscience education program if you:

  • Are a coach and want to get a deeper understanding about the science behind the work you do and bring your coaching to the next level!

  • Are curious about the controversial topics about the brain.

  • Want to improve your focus, attention and memory to be more successful at what you do!

  • Are interested to learn about the latest technological developments in neuroscience,  neurotechnologies, and their clinical applications, such as epilepsy surgery, stroke rehabilitation, coma assessment, and communication in locked-in syndrome.

  • Want to get hands-on experience in detecting brain waves and operating brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) - the devices that allow control of the objects with our brain.


You will benefit from neuroscience research consulting with us if you:

  • Seek to receive a critical review of your neuroscience-related research project, including grant proposal, manuscript, class project, and thesis (both graduate and undergraduate).

  • Are looking for ways to strengthen the design and credibility of your neuroscience-related research study.

  • Need help with research protocol development.

  • Searching for optimal ways to analyze brain imaging data.

  • Feel that you can benefit from additional expertise in writing and publishing your manuscripts.



NEUROSCIENCE  CONSULTING (for corporate clients, companies)

You company will benefit from neuroscience consulting with us if you want to improve your product/business outcomes by incorporating neuroscience principles in the following areas:

  • Marketing (Neuromarketing), Advertising, and Customer Experience

    • Enhanced marketing and advertising: By understanding how the brain processes and responds to different stimuli, we will help you create more effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

    • Enhanced customer experience: By using neuroscience principles, we will help you understand how customers react to different products and experiences, allowing you to design more appealing and engaging offerings.

  • Education and Course Design​

    • Improved learning outcomes: Our knowledge of how the brain processes and retains information, will help you design courses and teaching methods that are more effective at helping students learn and retain knowledge.

    • Enhanced engagement: Using neuroscience principles, we will help you design courses and teaching methods that are more engaging and interactive, which can help keep students more focused and motivated.

    • Greater accessibility: Our understanding of how the brain processes and interprets information, we will help you design courses and materials that are more accessible to students with different learning styles and abilities.

    • Personalized learning: We will help you to use neuroscience principles to understand how individual students learn best and tailor your teaching methods, accordingly, leading to more personalized and effective learning experiences.



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