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Are you a woman in midlife working as a scientist or university faculty, who is desperate to stop feeling demotivated, stuck, exhausted, and emotionally drained? I know your pain – I was there myself.

You will benefit from my unique program that will help you find the real cause of your burnout and remediate it. This means managing your mind in the first place. The program is geared towards you because you are already an expert in using your brain to do your work. Now, you will learn how to use your brain to overcome burnout and regain control of your life.

·       Get motivated again

·       Revive your interest in life

·       Revitalize your personal life and career instead of feeling stuck

·       Get your energy back

I am a clinical research scientist, university professor, and certified life coach, who is on a mission to support my peers in overcoming burnout.

Milena Korostenskaja, PhD

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