Neuroscience Career Coaching

Are you a dreaming about a career in neuroscience or neurotechnologies,

but feel unsure how to start? 

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

Set your career on the right foot by joining my “From unsure to CONFIDENT” coaching program!

Let's get from "unsure" to CONFIDENT together!

Milena Korostenskaja

Hi! It is a pleasure to meet you!


My name is Milena Korostenskaja, or simply Dr. K. I enjoy seeing people overcome their doubts and gain confidence to create neuroscience careers of their dreams. Whether you dream about getting a job in academia, building a side hustle or starting a new entrepreneurial venture – I am here to help.


Unsure where to start? Struggling with feeling clear about what you need to do? No need to worry! You do not have to do this alone. I will partner with you to guide and support you throughout this process. Equipped with excellent business coaching skills, a Ph.D. in psychology, over 20 years of neuroscience practice, and experience of running my own profitable coaching businesses, I have bulletproof tools to help you succeed. 


In fact, I prepared the "From unsure to CONFIDENT" coaching program just for YOU! This unique program is backed by the knowledge about the brain to help you succeed. So, let's get started! Simply schedule your free 45 minutes strategy session with me to discuss the plan for your success. Remember that "A good start is half the work," as an old Irish proverb says. I am 100% committed to getting you up to an excellent start! How committed are you to make your dream a reality?


Over 20 aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs have already gone through my “From unsure to CONFIDENT” coaching program. What do they say about their results?


"I received coaching from Milena focused on my fears and doubts about starting my own business. Milena helped me identify potential obstacles and plans for overcoming these. In the end, I essentially have a blueprint for success. I am feeling so much more confident and excited for the adventure ahead of me and willing to experience and grow from all of the successes and failures. Thanks so much Milena for offering me different perspectives from my past and for my future!"

Donna, MN, USA


"I am changing my career path to an entrepreneur in my mid 50’s. My fear of changing my career had me spinning in a state of confusion.  Milena’s business coaching program helped me get specific about my coaching business goals and how I can create mindful thoughts that helped me carry out real action. I intend on using her coaching materials again and again to accomplish my future business goals. I especially love her insight into rewiring our brains and that we are never too old to change our limiting beliefs."

Kim Damon, USA


"I am a chronic pain and disease coach so I study a lot about neuroscience for my work. Milena has a PhD in Neuroscience, so she really understands the brain and how to rewire it! Milena helped me with setting long and short term business goals. She guided me to come up with the strategies to achieve these goals rather than just telling me what to do. This meta skill is something I can use on my own, because I now understand how to handle my brain when I go into overwhelm and “don’t know” what to do next. Milena really helped me focus and see more clearly what I needed to prioritize each week. I was able to book a high paying coaching client, for three times the amount I thought possible when I started with Milena!"

Betsy Jensen, USA