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Neural Elegance Earrings

Neural Elegance Earrings

SKU: J002

Get your brain buzzing with our Neural Elegance Earrings!


These handmade dangle earrings feature a wire-wrapped pendant in the shape of a neuron, the tiny but mighty cell that keeps your nervous system running smoothly. And because one brainy detail isn't enough, we've added a wire-wrapped larimar gemstone, a rare blue beauty found only in the Dominican Republic. These earrings are guaranteed to turn heads, whether you're a neuroscience expert or just a fan of pretty things. Plus, you'll get to show off your knowledge about the "Dolphin Stone" (aka larimar) and its oceanic origins.


So go ahead, let these earrings be the cherry on top of your smart and stylish ensemble.


Available exclusively in our NeuroGiftshop online store.

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