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Theobromine Bliss Necklace

Theobromine Bliss Necklace

SKU: J001

Get your fix of molecular glamour with our Theobromine Bliss Necklace!


This handmade choker features a wire-wrapped pendant in the shape of the theobromine molecule, the stuff that makes chocolate so darn irresistible. And because one pleasure center isn't enough, we've added three beautiful faceted natural stones - carnelian, moonstone, and onyx - to make this necklace even more irresistible.


Not only will it make you look smart (because let's face it, wearing a necklace with a molecule on it automatically makes you a genius), but it'll also give your brain a little jolt. Just like theobromine does when it's found in chocolate, tea, and cola. So go ahead, indulge in some molecular bliss.


Available exclusively in our NeuroGiftshop online store.

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