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Jerica Jec (High School Teacher; lives in WA, USA)

“I'm a high school teacher in a suburban school near Seattle and Milena has been coaching me for months, and I've experienced so many transformations with her!

Our school - the school where I teach and my son goes, went into lockdown when one of my students was found with ammunition in his backpack. In the next weeks, I was extremely upset, having to go back to work with the situation not really resolved - there was a police and school authorities investigation, but we weren't really given any information.

I was stuck in fear, kept thinking about the situation and how it still wasn't over. I was completely drained of energy, in emotional distress and exhaustion. I felt so powerless, didn't feel confident in the police and the authorities in general. I had to try to stand strong for my students and my son, who were scared to come back to school, too - but I was emotionally spent.

After coaching with Milena, I realized that I DID have power in this situation. I had the power to NOT go to school, on any particular day or in general, and I could keep my son home as well.  Once I fully owned this choice after coaching with Milena, knowing that the power WAS in my hands, I was able to make my choice each day and then let go of all the spinning thoughts in my mind - because it wasn't about someone else keeping my son and me safe - I was doing that each day with my choice. The SECOND that I felt unsafe, I could leave immediately and indefinitely. Resting in this knowledge and NOT swirling in constant thoughts of worry allowed my energy to return, and I was able to be strong for my students, my son, and my self.

What Milena is able to do as a coach is truly transformational. I absolutely recommend her! She can help you become aware of and change your thoughts, which, no exaggeration here, can change your life!”


Siobhán Friel (Head of Content, Mum's World NZ; lives in New Zealand)

"Before coaching with Milena I was having a lot of anxiety about managing my team at work. I was avoiding conversations I anticipated being difficult and this perpetuated the problem and the results of the business were suffering. 
Milena helped me to see that it was the way I was thinking about the situation that was creating the anxiety. She clearly explained that I had a choice in how I thought about it, and I was choosing thoughts that created anxiety. She showed me how I could decide how I wanted to feel instead. 
I was able to look at the situation completely differently. After our coaching, I felt relaxed and confident and managing my team is no problem for me now. I highly recommend coaching with Milena to understand that you have complete agency over your mind.
Thanks, Milena!"


Bella (Finance; lives in Haifa, Israel)

"When I started coaching with Milena my life was just fine: stable well-paid job, happy marriage with two great children,  a recently bought house... and still something was missing... or actually redundant! There was this sense of anxiety, discontent. I tried some self-development methods with limited success.

The idea of deliberate thinking and feeling, which Milena presented me with, really stroke me. The concept of intentional thinking was an exciting and revolutionary discovery and its implementation allowed me to see clearly why I act in certain ways.

Through several sessions, Milena helped me to shed light on my "emotions' warehouse" and to get rid of emotional suffering. Most importantly, Milena equipped me with tools, simple and still very powerful, to manage my mind and emotions, to be aware of my thoughts and feelings.  

I absolutely love her scientific explanations and deep understanding of the way the human mind works. I recommend Milena to guide you to own your thoughts and emotions instead of being managed by them."


Donna (Social Services; lives in MN, USA)

"Milena has been my coach on a weekly basis for nearly 6 months. Most recently, I received coaching from Milena focused on my fears and doubts about starting my own business. Over several sessions, Milena worked with me on why I wanted to become an entrepreneur, what I believe success would be like in the future, and things I have already achieved in my past using abilities I will need to grow a business. We talked about my thoughts about becoming an entrepreneur, about money, and the feelings they generate in me. She helped me identify potential obstacles and plans for overcoming these. In the end, I essentially have a blueprint for success by managing myself through this effort. I am feeling so much more confident and excited for the adventure ahead of me and willing to experience and grow from all of the successes and failures. Thanks so much Milena for offering me different perspectives from my past and for my future! 

Don't hesitate to hire Milena as your coach; you will be better for having done it."


Christine Spear (Athlete, Olympic Champion; lives in WA, USA)

"Milena helped me to understand that we often have rules for how we want others in our life to behave, so we can feel happy. She also taught me that the only person I can control is myself, and that I am responsible for my own emotional happiness. Thanks Milena!"

Winter Springs, FL, USA

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