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See how people across the globe (USA, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, Israel) have already benefited from the unique neuroscience-based life coaching with Dr. K! On-line life coaching sessions without borders are available to you in every corner of our planet. Dr. K speaks English, Russian and Lithuanian. Join her on-line. It is that easy!


Jerica Jec (High School Teacher, Business Owner; lives in WA, USA)

I'm a high school teacher in a suburban school near Seattle and Milena has been coaching me for months, and I've experience so many transformations with her!


Our school - the school where I teach and my son goes, went into lockdown when one of my students was found with ammunition in his backpack. In the next weeks, I was extremely upset, having to go back to work with the situation not really resolved - there was a police and school authorities investigation, but we weren't really given any information.


I was stuck in fear, kept thinking about the situation and how it still wasn't over. I was completely drained of energy, in emotional distress and exhaustion. I felt so powerless, didn't feel confident in the police and the authorities in general. I had to try to stand strong for my students and my son, who were scared to come back to school, too - but I was emotionally spent.


After coaching with Milena, I realized that I DID have power in this situation. I had the power to NOT go to school, on any particular day or in general, and I could keep my son home as well.  Once I fully owned this choice after coaching with Milena, knowing that the power WAS in my hands, I was able to make my choice each day and then let go of all the spinning thoughts in my mind - because it wasn't about someone else keeping my son and me safe - I was doing that each day with my choice. The SECOND that I felt unsafe, I could leave immediately and indefinitely. Resting in this knowledge and NOT swirling in constant thoughts of worry allowed my energy to return, and I was able to be strong for my students, my son, and my self.


What Milena is able to do as a coach is truly transformational. I absolutely recommend her! She can help you become aware of and change your thoughts, which, no exaggeration here, can change your life!

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Steven Barry (Business Consulting Company Owner; lives in Canada)

I have been working as a business consultant for over 20 years. I accumulated an immense body of knowledge and experience that I wanted to transfer into the books and courses for my current and future clients. However, I struggled with making these things done. I was waiting for a perfect moment – an inspiration to come, and sometimes I would wait for a year or even more before taking any action in this direction.


Working with Milena for just ten weeks, I accomplished years of planned work – completed e-book and three hardcover books along with related course materials and video series. I feel so accomplished!

 Hiring Milena is an absolute no-brainer if you’re struggling to take action and want to achieve the results you were aiming at for a long time!



Siobhán Friel (Head of Content, Mum's World NZ; Business Owner; lives in New Zealand)

Before coaching with Milena I was having a lot of anxiety about managing my team at work. I was avoiding conversations I anticipated being difficult and this perpetuated the problem and the results of the business were suffering.

Milena helped me to see that it was the way I was thinking about the situation that was creating the anxiety. She clearly explained that I had a choice in how I thought about it, and I was choosing thoughts that created anxiety. She showed me how I could decide how I wanted to feel instead. I was able to look at the situation completely differently. After our coaching, I felt relaxed and confident and managing my team is no problem for me now.


I highly recommend coaching with Milena to understand that you have complete agency over your mind.
Thanks, Milena!



Bella (Finance; lives in Haifa, Israel)

When I started coaching with Milena my life was just fine: stable well-paid job, happy marriage with two great children,  a recently bought house... and still something was missing... or actually redundant! There was this sense of anxiety, discontent. I tried some self-development methods with limited success.

The idea of deliberate thinking and feeling, which Milena presented me with, really stroke me. The concept of intentional thinking was an exciting and revolutionary discovery and its implementation allowed me to see clearly why I act in certain ways.

Through several sessions, Milena helped me to shed light on my "emotions' warehouse" and to get rid of emotional suffering. Most importantly, Milena equipped me with tools, simple and still very powerful, to manage my mind and emotions, to be aware of my thoughts and feelings. I absolutely love her scientific explanations and deep understanding of the way the human mind works.


I recommend Milena to guide you to own your thoughts and emotions instead of being managed by them.



Donna (Social Services, Business Owner; lives in MN, USA)

Milena has been my coach on a weekly basis for nearly 6 months. Most recently, I received coaching from Milena focused on my fears and doubts about starting my own business.


Over several sessions, Milena worked with me on why I wanted to become an entrepreneur, what I believe success would be like in the future, and things I have already achieved in my past using abilities I will need to grow a business. We talked about my thoughts about becoming an entrepreneur, about money, and the feelings they generate in me. Milena helped me identify potential obstacles and plans for overcoming these.


In the end, I essentially have a blueprint for success by managing myself through this effort. I am feeling so much more confident and excited for the adventure ahead of me and willing to experience and grow from all of the successes and failures. Thanks so much Milena for offering me different perspectives from my past and for my future!

Make sure to hire Milena as your coach; you will be so much better for having done it.



Christine Spear (Athlete, Olympic Champion; Business Owner; lives in WA, USA)

Milena helped me to understand that we often have rules for how we want others in our life to behave, so we can feel happy. She also taught me that the only person I can control is myself, and that I am responsible for my own emotional happiness. Thanks Milena!

Business Coaching with Milena Korostensk


Sharon Abitbol (STEM professional - High School Physics Teacher;

lives in Auckland, New Zealand)

I am a procrastinator! If I could, I would leave everything to the last minute but then I would get very stressed and had this growing feeling in me that I didn’t have TIME.

When I met Milena, I realized that I was in an endless loop of not doing what I set up to do. So, unintentionally, I looked at a job that needed to be done, felt it was too much, ended up not doing it which resulted loss of time and feeling more anxious about finishing it on time and so on…


Milena introduced me to this method where I intentionally separated any circumstances I fronted from my thoughts and feelings towards them. We came up with a Mantra that suited my profession where “I knew what I had to do” and then I was hit with “Clarity”. That helped me come up with feasible plan of action which led me to finish my tasks. So, I ended up have more TIME which was precious to me.


I can’t thank Milena enough and I absolutely recommend her as a coach! 



Kim Damon (Internal Auditor; Business Owner; lives in the USA)

I’m Kim Damon, an Internal Auditor changing my career path to an entrepreneur in my mid 50’s. My fear of changing my career had me spinning in a state of confusion. 


Milena’s 8-week business coaching helped me define my goals and manage the thoughts that did not serve me or my business. Since her coaching, I was able to get specific about my business goals and how I can create mindful thoughts that helped me carry out real action. 

I intend on using her coaching materials again and again to accomplish my future business goals. I especially love her insight into rewiring our brains and that we are never too old to change our limiting beliefs. 

I would highly recommend Milena’s business coaching to anyone wanting to start a business or take their business to the next level. 



Leah Davidson (Speech Pathologist; Business Owner; lives in Toronto, Canada)

Milena is an amazing life coach!

She has taught me valuable tools to use to help me set goals and create the future I want. She opened my eyes to different perspectives and showed me how I could immediately change the results in my life. I saw the difference in my life after the first session! She also has helped me manage my stress and anxiety levels during a difficult time in my life; having the tools Milena taught made all the difference!


Milena is very professional, knowledgeable, kind, funny and compassionate. She is organized and leads every session, helping you quickly get to the core of the problem and then helps you understand and create the optimal solution for you.


Everyone needs a life coach if they want to do more in their life: face fears, push past limits, overcome challenges, identify potential. Milena is an amazing life coach who will guide you through every step of the process!


I would highly recommend working with Milena!

Business Coaching with Milena Korostensk


Dave Martin (STEM professional - former Lockheed Martin employee; Business Owner;

lives in Florida, USA)

My coaching sessions with Dr. K. were very life-changing for me and influential for my business.

Before I started coaching with Dr. K., I left my 10+ year corporate job at Lockheed Martin and achieved my dream of having my brick-and-mortar jewelry store in an Orlando craft mall. However, we were not in business long before we had to close our store. The mall owners could not generate enough traffic to make it a successful venture, and we were not generating enough money to keep the business going (rent, utilities, supplies, gas for travel, etc.). I took it very hard and blamed myself, considering it my failure instead of understanding that it was a valuable learning experience and not my fault. I was unsure what to do and was seriously doubting myself.


I gave up on my dream of having a jewelry business until I started coaching with Dr. K. She helped me see that by changing my thoughts, I could overcome my fear and doubts, that I was not a failure, and I could use what I learned from the past to be successful today.

After my sessions with Dr. K., I gained clarity and confidence. I am happy to say that, thanks to Dr. K., today I am back in business (this time on-line), successful, very happy, and ready to conquer any challenges life or my business throws at me. The coaching sessions with Dr. K. were very enjoyable. Dr. K. is a wonderful listener, very kind, and personable to work with. Her excellent knowledge about the workings of the brain makes sessions highly engaging.

I greatly recommend Dr. K. for people who want to change their perspective in life and overcome the doubts that keep them from succeeding in their businesses. Coaching with Dr. K helps build confidence and gain clarity when you are unsure what to do.



Tobi Coughlin (Business Owner; Weigh Loss Coach at Weight Watchers; lives in California, USA)

I asked Milena for her help.  I shared that I was disappointed with myself because of my poor decision making skills and believed that the time I was wasting in that area was getting in my way of reaching my goals.    

What Milena helped me see was that I was ALREADY making decisions.  I was deciding NOT TO DECIDE -- I could even feel proud of myself for that fact.  She showed me that it was my own "judgey" thoughts that were causing me discomfort and keeping me stuck. This alone created a giant and immediate shift for me.  

Believing that I AM capable of making decisions efficiently has removed an obstacle for me.  I’m more purposeful now in how I choose to spend my time. I can even choose not to make a decision and still feel good about myself!

If you’re wanting a different result in your life, I highly recommend working with Milena.



Jack A (Business Owner of Health Supplements On-line; lives in New Zealand)

My name is Jack A and I am the owner of health supplements online.

It was a privilege to work with Milena, she has been an exemplary professional coach.

My attitude about myself, my career and my business has shifted 180 degrees. I find myself returning to the same feelings and attitude I had when I started my business, the courage to make and even embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else.


I want to emphasize that Milena does not make decisions for me but instead has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness, and she helped me at least develop a plan or concept for what I want my career to look life for the next few years of my life and my next chapter.

Milena is a #1 "go-to" coach! Working with her is the best choice you can make for yourself, your career and your business.



Betsy Jensen (Physical Therapist; Business Owner, Certified Life Coach; lives in the USA)

I am a chronic pain and disease coach so I study a lot about neuroscience for my work.  Milena has a PhD in Neuroscience, so she really understands the brain and how to rewire it!


Milena helped me with setting long and short term business goals. She guided me to come up with the strategies to achieve these goals rather than just telling me what to do. This meta skill is something I can use on my own, because I now understand how to handle my brain when I go into overwhelm and “don’t know” what to do next.


Milena is very good at simplifying and explaining things, and pointing out my “brain drama” when I would over complicate things in my head. She really helped me focus and see more clearly what I needed to prioritize each week.  And she sent amazing worksheets which helped me dig deeper into myself and understand ways I was unknowingly blocking myself from achieving my goals.

I was able to book a high paying client, for three times the amount I thought possible when I started with Milena!

If you want to rewire your brain, or learn to set and achieve goals in any area of your life, you should hire Milena right now!


Gina Conover (Business Owner, Certified Life Coach; lives in the USA)

I’m a full-time single mom and a Certified Life Coach. I started coaching with Milena to get help in managing my mind so that I can develop successful and profitable coaching business.


When I started coaching with Milena, I was really struggling to believe in myself and my ability to succeed as a coach. I knew I wanted to be a coach who helped other women feel confident but ironically, I was struggling to feel confident myself. I was looking for external proof that I was a good coach and believed that once someone else told me I was “good,” then I would believe in myself. Milena helped me question that belief. She pushed me to explore why I put so much emphasis on what others thought of me instead of what I thought of myself.


Together we worked to explore my thoughts about myself and my worth as a coach. What I learned about myself was invaluable. My belief in myself completely shifted by the end of our time working together. Milena taught me that what I thought of myself as a coach was the most important thing in determining my ability and my worth. I learned that I am an amazing life coach, regardless of what external “proof” I thought I needed. I learned to believe in myself. Right after finishing the program with Milena, I was able to book two first paying clients for my business program.


The work I did with Milena was life-changing, and I am forever grateful for her. I cannot recommend her enough. She is an amazing coach.


Tracy Emerson (Business Owner, Certified Life Coach; lives in Ontario, Canada)

My name is Tracy Emerson. I live in Ontario Canada and I am a Certified life Coach and an entrepreneur.

As a life coach I know how transformational coaching can be for people. As a coach its also important to have your own coach and I needed help with my business.

I spent 8 weeks with Milena in her "Business Coaching 101: Learning how to fly" package. I wanted a path to success and the steps to get there. Milena provided that path and so much more.

Milena helped me realize the limiting beliefs I had in myself that was creating my blocks. She also helped me realize that we have relationships with everything including technology. Each week we uncovered something new, it was like peeling an onion and it was so liberating.

If you are looking to uncover why your not achieving what you want, Milena will help you.

Thank you for all your support Milena.


Jenny Hillger (Librarian; Business Owner; lives in the USA)

I was participating in Milena's 8-week "Business Coaching 101: Growing Feathers" program to help manage my mind around the coaching business. Before coaching with Milena, I was full of anxiety, worry, and fear about what to do, how to do it, and what the outcomes would be.


Working with Milena has helped me to manage my mind around the coaching business I recently started. Milena has provided me with coaching and tools to manage my mind. I’ve learned to cultivate thoughts and beliefs that serve me as a coach and business owner.


I’ve begun to turn my obstacles into strategies for success. I have grown in self-confidence as a result of this work. I move forward with my coaching practice knowing that I can create any result I want, and that I have the tools to solve any problem that arises.


Thank you, Milena, for helping me to manage my mind and become a more confident life coach. 



Michelle Malone-Cohen (former Corporate Executive; Business owner;

lives in the Alberta, Australia)

Before working with Milena, I couldn't stop feeling overwhelmed; I felt like I was being pulled in 100 different directions. I knew I was looking for a change in my life and career and wanted to start something new. I had an inkling of what I wanted to do, but I couldn't see a clear path.


Milena cleared the fog and, along the way, helped me redefine myself, my career, and build my own business. She helped me regret-proof my life. When I first saw her credentials (she is both a doctor of neuroscience and a certified life coach), I remember thinking, “Milena’s not your average life coach”. I was right. I was blown away by her approach and insights. She always over-delivered, and her program required me to reach beyond what I thought I could do.

If you feel compelled to make a change in your life and find your path, hire Milena. Do it right now. Don't make it complicated or dramatic. Don't wait for the right time or when you feel like you're ready. You're ready, and you're in good hands.

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