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We are a global non-for-profit organization that brings neuroscience knowledge and technology to help people around the world succeed and achieve their highest potential.

"Making the world a better place - one neuron at a time!"



We are a not-for-profit organization that aims to serve the community by developing and implementing neuroscience-based approaches to benefit health, research and education.

The mission of the Institute of Neuroadaptive Approaches is to support people in achieving their highest potential in any chosen area of life by using science and technology.

Our vision is to be the world-leader of developing and applying neuroadaptive approaches to accelerate human achievements.

We use a combination of approaches in our training:

  • Already existing in the world evidence-based strategies proven to be highly effective;

  • Our own exclusive methodologies backed by the latest developments in neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

Learn more about our unique programs and approaches below. See how you can benefit from our science-backed training to live to your fullest potential! Consider the following areas of life you want us to help you to improve upon: health, finances, career, family, personal development, relationships, friendship, and personal time/hobbies. We develop and implement individualized training plans for each of our clients.

January 15, 2020


Milena Korostenskaja, PhD, SLC

Neuroscientist, University Professor, Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker

Dr. Milena Korostenskaja (Dr. K) is a Founder of The Institute of Neuroapproaches. She provides her scientific expertise to the Institute and community by serving as a Director of Research. Dr. K offers Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program to support behavioral wellbeing of her colleagues in clinical research and academia.  Dr. K's goal is to develop innovative tools based on years of working in the field of neuroscience to help her peers overcome burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm.


Are you a scientist, faculty, teacher, or other professional, who wants to stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious and running out of time? Do you want to finally achieve your full potential and bring your ideas to fruition?

Dr. K is a Neuroscientist, University Professor, and Certified Life Coach who is on a mission to support her colleagues in achieving their highest potential.



You will benefit from coaching if..

You will benefit from coaching if...

  • You are feeling burned out and sometimes even depressed. You remember yourself in the past - full of energy and passionate about research and teaching. What happened now? Where did all that passion go? Instead of getting to work on your new project you just want to go home and sleep. You wonder if you will have energy, passion, and drive ever again.

  • You are feeling guilty. It seems to you that you need to juggle between your family, grant submissions, publishing, doing research, supervising or teaching students, and multiple other commitments. Then you are asking yourself if you did enough for your family or your research, and it never feels enough for neither of them.

  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed. Everything feels disorganized to you. Time management sounds like science fiction. There is not enough time in the day to do everything you have planned. You overcommit and do not deliver on your promises.

  • You know deep down that you can do much more - that potential has always been within you. But... you feel that you hit the ceiling and are not sure how to make a vertical advancement in your career.

  • You feel that you work hard, but it does not seem to you that all that hard work gives you enough financial freedom. You feel financially limited. You want to earn more, but it does not feel realistic.

  • You start questioning yourself if you have chosen the right career. You are telling yourself that you should have never received this PhD - in fact, you should have become an MD instead - or vice versa! You also might be thinking that changing the job will solve all your problems.

  • You are questioning your abilities. Then you are thinking that you are not on top of the game because you are not capable enough.

  • On top of feeling burned out, anxious, overwhelmed, and guilty -  you feel ashamed of yourself because such dependable professional like you should not be like this. You think that you might be deficient and thus hide your thoughts and feelings from others.

If any of this sounded familiar to you - you are at the right place. You can change the way you feel by managing your mind. It is time to use the power of neuroscience to bring your life to the place you want to be and achieve your fullest potential!

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