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Happy Neuro Year 2023!

Dear Neuroscience and neurotech colleagues, students, fans, and professionals!

I want to thank you for all your amazing support! It was an enjoyable year to share with you! I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom in applying neuroscience in education, medicine, and technology! I look forward to strengthening our connections and exchanging valuable knowledge in our fields.

I am grateful to all students in neuroscience and neurotechnologies who worked with me as a Neurocareers coach this year - I am glad I could contribute to your career success through the Neurocareers Coaching Program! I look forward to continuing to support many of you next year and seeing more and more of you succeed! Please, remember to check the "Your support station" podcast to help you stay on track in your studies!

I appreciate all the feedback and questions I received from the participants during my numerous keynotes and talks at the neurotech events! I am grateful to the organizers for their kind invitations to present at BCI & NEUROTECHNOLOGY SPRING SCHOOL 2022 (g.tec medical engineering GmbH), NeuroTechX organized NeuroTechX Global Hackathon 2022, and many others.

It was such fun to provide hands-on Brain-Computer Interface experience at ISACT2022, AdventHealth University, and other places over the year!

I am grateful to those who have already invited me to give lectures, seminars, and workshops in 2023. The New Year will start with the talk at Drexel University (thanks to Dr. Kristen Betts for her kind invitation)!

I want to thank all my outstanding "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" podcast guests and also listeners from over 40 different countries, including the USA, UK, India, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Kenya, Italy, Thailand, Korea, Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Switzerland, Lithuania, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, Argentina, Israel, Iran, Ghana, Greece, Romania, Brazil, China, Hungary, and others! We released 27 podcast episodes aimed to educate and ignite passion about the fascinating field of neuroscience and neurotechnologies!

I am grateful for all my learning opportunities this year, including instructional design courses centered around neuroeducation! They helped me enhance my student's learning experience and prepare an Adaptive Neurotechnologies course for a broad audience (be on the lookout for it in early 2023!)

With my The Institute of Neuroapproaches, I wish you a prosperous and very successful Neuro Year 2023! Let creativity lead you toward new productive ways of teaching, researching, creating technologies, treating patients, and being amazing professionals in your fields!

Kind regards,

Founder, Director, and Neurocareers Coach at The Institute of Neuroapproaches


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